Bam Bam ‎– Stress (1984)


A year prior to the birth of Green River, Seattle made acquaintance with an equally sludgy sound, the sound of Bam Bam. Fronted by the powerful voice of Tina Bell and fueled by the heavy riffs of Tommy Martin and the sludge rhythm section of Scott Ledgerwood and Tom Hendrickson, the Bams’ were the first ones to work with Reciprocal Recording Studios and producer Chris Hanzsek.

This EP was released in 1984 and features three magnificent songs that, to me, have a lot in common with the heavy hardcore-punk route, followed by bands such as Green Gang or Wasted Youth…although a google search of the band revealed different music direction approached by Bam Bam around the same time “Stress” EP was released. A much heavier, darker and slower sound, that would eventually be called “grunge”, can be heard in their music-video single “Ground Zero”, that you can easily find on youtube.

So, yeah, the Bam Bams’ are definitely a hidden gem of the Northwest and one of the most influential bands of the ’80s’ Seattle. Their 7”, a rare item, that unfortunately pops only now and then on Discogs or Ebay. We can only hope their material would be re-released in the near future.

Till’ next time, enjoy the powers of Bam Bam.

Side A – “Stress”, “Heinz 57”

Side B – “Villains (Also Wear White)”

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